Hope is It

What is ‘It’?

I was contemplating this deep question, ‘What is it’? Seriously, ‘It’ is hard to define. When you watch reality TV singing competitions, you’ll hear the judges comment, they say, “This one really has the ‘It’ factor”. ‘It’ is something more than mere beauty or competence, it really is a trait that can’t be easily defined, or for that matter, duplicated. Either one has ‘It’ or one doesn’t.

‘It’ is what is present when something is set apart from the ordinary, the mundane, the routine. You can sense ‘It’ when you first encounter that person or thing. I remember the first audition on American Idol when I saw Carrie Underwood. I said, “ That girl may or may not win, but she is going to be very successful.” Why? She wasn’t necessarily the most beautiful, or even the best singer. As a potential contestant on the show, she was just one of many, and a ‘diamond in the rough’. She had ‘It’.

‘It’ can refer to a place or time as well. That place you’re attracted to, whether a beach, a meadow, a mountain, etc… is your ‘It’ place. Some are attracted to Winter, while others prefer Spring. I know some folks that just live for the Fall and all its colors. We’re all wired a bit differently and so your ‘It’ may not be the same as mine.

Hope is a universal ‘It’ emotion. We all need Hope. The wise King Solomon said, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.’

We’re gathering a group of people looking for ‘It’. In this case, a place of Hope. A church where dreams are fulfilled.A place that feels like you’re home when you enter in. Asanctuary where we find and fulfill our part in God’s magnificent story.

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